Meet Gus!

How it All Began

Gussied Up Pet Boutique was born in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, when it became more apparent than ever, the important role our pets play in our lives. The idea came when I wanted to treat my dog, Gus, for always being by my side; so we set out to our local pet store for a fancy new collar and special dog treat. I looked over and said to him, “Let’s get you gussied up, Gus!”. This moment was the catalyst that led to the creation of Gussied Up Pet Boutique!

We are thrilled to offer you, your pet, and the pet enthusiast in your life a wide range of gift options for any occasion. At Gussied Up Pet Boutique, we believe that every pet deserves to get “Gussied Up” now and then!

About Us

Welcome to Gussied Up Pet Boutique! The ultimate destination for your beloved pets, yourself and your pet-loving friends & family. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, “gotcha” day, or just an ordinary day, our pet boutique has something that will bring joy to you and your furry friends!

Pets hold a special place in our lives, serving as companions, best friends, and honorary family members. They are always there to provide comfort, make us smile, and lift our spirits. Did you know studies have shown that owning a pet can have various health benefits? These include reducing stress and anxiety. So, not only do pets bring joy and companionship, but they can also contribute to your mental and emotional health!